About Us

planting At Sedalia Elementary, students and staff enter each   day with a mindset of becoming better learners and   educators.  We accomplish this through shared   responsibility in learning that starts with clarity.   Teachers use clearly developed learning targets and   success criteria that helps transfer the responsibility   of  learning to students.  Students eagerly take on this   responsibility because they are aware of where they   are with relation to the intended targets and can   access resources to reach the targets. In addition to     the core content offered in all DCSD elementary schools, students at Sedalia also use the rural setting to extend their learning outside.  We have large school gardens, more than twenty chickens, and one of the most comprehensive recycling programs in the state.  We are proud to be a Green Ribbon Award willing school which is awarded to schools with exemplary sustainability practices.  Sedalia is a unique school and students receive a unique education to prepare them for the world today and the world tomorrow.