A little bit about us...

Take a look at the great things we have to offer!
Take a look at the great things we have to offer!

• Avg. number of years experience for teachers = 21

• 61% of teachers have earned their Master’s degrees

• Avg. class size = 17 students (23 = national avg.)

• Beautiful playground-Views of the Rampart Range

• Extensive sustainability program

• Dyslexia trained staff

• Chickens!

• Reading celebrations

• Author visits

• Student clubs for sustainability

• Co-taught classrooms

• Reading Recovery

• Specials classes-Art, Music, PE, Library

• Strong community relationships 




“The Sedalia Elementary staff will do
everything possible to help every student
succeed and grow. A smaller school
naturally promotes a family atmosphere
where each child is known by name and
assured that they are a valuable part of
our school. The level of caring, I feel, is
unmatched in DCSD!”
—Bonnie Cozine (retired teacher with 37 years exp.)


“Sedalia Elementary will always hold a special
place in my heart. During my 8 years at Sedalia
(including preschool), I had teachers that positively
impacted my life and helped shape me into the
person I am today. Every teacher and staff member
helped make Sedalia Elementary what it is by
providing the students with a safe and successful
learning environment. I also made lifelong friends
at Sedalia Elementary. From being in each other's
weddings, to watching our families grow and even
the casual Friday night dinner, the friendships I
made at Sedalia are the ones that I will cherish
forever. Even 20 years later, I still talk about how
much I enjoyed my time at Sedalia Elementary!“
- Madi Schmidt